It is written

“On October 10, 2010, the Islamic Republic of Iran arrested Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, and lawyer, Houtan Kian, as well as a German journalist and a photographer. At the time of the arrest, one of the journalists was on the phone speaking with Mina Ahadi, Spokesperson of the International Committee against Stoning and International Committee against Execution.  Sakineh Mohammadi, an Iranian citizen, was tried in 2006, pleading guilty under torture to the crime of an “illicit relationship”; she has since recanted the “confession” as made under duress. She was sentenced to an immediate whipping of 99 lashes in the presence of her 17-year-old son, and later sentenced to death by stoning.”  Media extract

This is almost beyond words.  On reading this, I am deeply ashamed to be a human being. Not only is Iran severely diminished, but so also is all of humanity.  That human beings would actually do this to other human beings is to be shamed for all time.    I am sure that God himself weeps, that people would do this to each other, and in his name.   I do not believe that a God “most merciful” would ever condone this for a moment in all of time.   The quality of “most merciful” can only be unconditional forgiveness and compassion.

 Who speaks for the most vulnerable and suffering amongst us?  “This shame is written. It is remembered for all time.”

 Governments or people involved do not need me to tell them what the right thing to do is.  They know.  The measure of their moral worth and their values is in what they choose to do.  And we can all judge them accordingly.


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