Welcome to our website

Welcome to our web site and blog. Welcome to “awakening the peacemaker within”.

We all exist at any given moment as a great collection of possibilities, for good or for harm.  All we need do is to awaken to these possibilities and make good choices.  This is about creating a community of people who choose the peacemaker possibilities.

As the saying goes “there is no force stronger for change in a community as when it discovers what it cares about.”  This website is designed as an international community forum, to awaken the peacekeeper possibilities that exist in all of us and to do something about this.  To paraphrase Socrates: “ This is not about knowing the right or even about choosing the right but about doing the right as a habit  of living”.  Right now the world is in desperate shortage of compassion, the ethic of care for others, and we are going to do something about that.  We are going to  work to discover ourselves as Canadains and global citizens and discover what we care about.

We are those who live by the adage: “I may be one and only one, but will not refuse to do what one can do”.

We are those who live by the adage;  “I am who you are”.  When you suffer I suffer.  We are one global family.  People count.

Our mandate is WE CARE.    I believe in this as I feel it represents hope in a world so beset by suffering and poverty.  I believe that our communities have such a great potential for living good lives.   To paraphrase Mother Teresa – We may not all be able to do the great things, but we can always do the small things with great love.

We will collaborate and join others with whom we share values and aspirations.  We want to hear your views and we enjoy a lively debate.  More than that, we want you to act and make a difference.  You may join us if you wish.   I very much look forward to a respectful dialogue with anyone who shares our values and interests or just wants to debate issues, raise concerns, ask questions or be involved in a responsible and non-violent way.

With sincere hopes for a better future;

Paul Maillet



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