Paul Maillet

Paul is a retired senior military officer who served in the Canadian military for 33 years in a period when Canada was dedicated to peacekeeping operations around the world.

Paul a former Colonel in the Canadian Air Force retiring in 2001.Paul spent four years as Director of Defence Ethics in the Canadian Department of National Defence.  He was responsible for the development and implementation of the Defence Ethics Program in an organization of over 100,000 military personnel, civilians, reserves and cadets. Paul’s background as a military professional also involved extensive experience in aerospace engineering, executive management, capital projects, quality assurance and technology management.

Paul is now a specialist in the field of organizational ethics with extensive practical experience in strengthening governance in the area of the development and implementation of ethics programs and controlling corruption measures.  He is the owner and president of “Paul Maillet CENTER FOR ETHICS” based out of Ottawa.   This has involved work for numerous Canadian federal government departments and Aboriginal communities and international projects in developing countries.

Paul ran as a candidate for a federal party in the 2008 and 2010 Canadian federal elections; bringing voice and experience relating to accountability and ethics, international affairs, human rights and defence issues into public and party debate and policy development.

Paul is active in many peace oriented groups and associations and has made numerous presentations at related conferences and enjoys writing on the subject of ethics and peace.

Paul holds a Peace Professional Accreditation from the Civilian Peace Services Canada and has been involved providing peace services in both domestic and international projects relating to the Mideast and First Nations in Canada.

  1. Bill says:

    Paul, kudos on starting this blog on much needed peacemaking ethic. Your background and your article on the first law of peace operations makes you the right person for this timely initiative. We have to ensure that “responsibility to protect” begins with ‘responsibility to prevent’. All Best – Bill

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