Way forward

This is about creating a peacemaker community. This is about tapping into and using the values, experience, expertise and potential of people who care. 

This is about:

 Creating a peacemaker guide for engagement

Creating a peace framework, laws of peace operations

Creating a set of best practices

How to create safe spaces, negotiations, ceasefires and settlements?

Creating a department of peace and security in your country

Voting for peacemaker values in elected officialc

Peacemaking in your own community

Promoting and organizing truth and reconciliation, apology and forgiveness

Rebuilding communities – reconnecting communities

Creating peacemaker projects

Doing track 3 diplomacy by the global citizen

Doing peacemaking as a habit of living

Doing peacemaking in the global community

 Commitment to the challenge, finding the direction, getting engaged, gratitude for the outcomes and successes  …  we will not refuse do what we can …


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