An Ethic for Peace Operations

Proposed;  ” Laws of Peace Operations”


The laws of armed conflict and just war tradition could fill an ocean.  Where is the ocean for laws of peace operations and peacemaking tradition?  We believe that it is time to change our thinking about how we deal with conflict.

Whereas we believe that the ethic of care has at least equal weight, if not greater, to the ethic of justice in conflict situations.  We believe in the responsibility to protect.

Whereas we believe in non-violence, human rights and the care of others.

Whereas we believe that the relief of suffering and the reduction of conflict are not given sufficient weight in global approaches to the use of force.

It is therefore resolved:

That Laws of peace operations be codified as a strict obligation for dealing with conflict in pre conflict stages, conflict stages, and post conflict stages by the international community, and for states or transnational parties with political differences that have the potential for violence.

That laws of peace operations include as a minimum, strict obligations and every reasonable effort to:

1.  Stop or prevent violence as a first priority.

2.  Care for the victims.

3. Create safe spaces for peace talks or diplomacy.

4.  Strengthen or rebuild governance at all levels.

5.  Create safe, healthy and socially responsible communities.

6.  Reconstruct economies and infrastructure.

7.  Enable the truth, reconciliation and justice.

Notes:  (c) Paul  Maillet. Current Version Edition 3.  Effective date 20 October 2010.  We gladly provide this as a gift to the global community for non-profit purposes.  Copies or quotes may be freely made.  Attribution to the “Paul Maillet” or web site   would be appreciated.


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