Peacemaker Table of Contents

Posted: November 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

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2016 Government considering Interim Super Hornet buy.

2016 Countering Violent Extremism

2016 DND Military Trauma, PTSD, Moral injury and Suicides

2016 Canada Voting NO to UN elimination of nuclear weapons report

2016 Training foreign militaries to wage war is not peace making

Towards Peace and Security through Canadian International Assistance. 2016 Canadian Public Consultation

Good government, Peace, Electoral reform

2016 Canada and its Veterans – The Duty of Truth

2016 Canada Defence Review – What Canada can do for peace in the world!

2016 and Canada’s new Mid east strategy

So Canada will cease bombing, then what? Is a coherent Mid East strategy possible?

2016 Iran Sanctions relief. Open for business? Open for Peace?

Words, negotiation and peacemaking

Jan 2016 The Syrian Quagmire

2015 Canadian Federal Elections and Peace Building. Time to ask Questions !!!

P5+1 plus Iran Comprehensive Nuclear Program Agreement. Time to re-establish Canada as a global citizen for peace.

July 2015 the Iran Nuclear deal?

2015 Canada, ISIS and assumptions about being in the fight

Expansion of Canada Mission against ISIS 2015

2014 Revelations of torture and drones. Finding closure?

2014 ISIS – is negotiation possible?

2014 Air strikes and ISIS, now it begins – civilian casualties.

2014 Canada, ISIS – war fighting or peace operations – the reason you can’t do both

2014 Alternatives for Canada to war fighting against ISIS

2014 Think about what a war response means against ISIS

2014 Towards an ethic for peace operations

2014 Canada CF18s and ISIS

When they hurt enough or when they love enough

Honoring the Shared Gifts of our Wisdom as we meet

2013 Defence Matters: A Canadian Appreciation

Time to talk about Canada’s disappointing approach to international peace and stability

Canadian Arms Trade Treaty leadership is disappointing

2012 Peace Professional Accreditation Acceptance Speech

We need a Strong and Effective Arms Trade Treaty

The fog of truth in conflict zones

Civilization is on the move

Responsibility to protect – Getting it right

From Activism to Governance


An open letter to the 2011 Gaza flotilla organizers and the Israelis

Canada responds to Libya – Canada is diminished

Exploring Non-violent Alternatives to Terrorism

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