2016 Training foreign militaries to wage war is not peace making

Posted: August 26, 2016 in Canadian Defence, Peace Building
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Dear friends in peace;

The notion that DND will use recent peace operations funding to training foreign militaries to wage war is not peace building, peacemaking or peace keeping by any means. It is taking sides and enabling war by others. It is not promoting or working towards peace; or even the creation of peace practitioner skills in a country. Training foreign militaries to wage war is not peacemaking. There are enough people around trafficking in weapons and war fighting.

Whether this is in the context of a just war or not, let us be honest here. This violates a core principle of peace operations and that is impartiality. Impartiality enables being able to talk to all sides involved, being trusted by all sides to be fair in peace talks or negotiations, enables the ability to protect civilians in villages, enables creating safe havens, helping refugees, caring for victims on all sides, enables humanitarian aid and development, and even can go as far as training “serve and protect” police forces. Impartiality enables presence in the crisis. Impartiality allows us to assert human rights to all parties.   Impartiality enables us to communicate and mediate.

There is a distinction here – training in killing and “search and destroy” is not what is intended here. It is not what Canadians want.

We can do much much better.


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