Good government, Peace, Electoral reform

Posted: July 22, 2016 in Liberals, Peace Building
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As a  contribution to the 2016 public consultation to electoral reform in Canada.   In my view , having run as a federal candidate twice and doing international election monitoring for such as OSCE, I certainly see assumptions as:

  • The current system is unfair
  • Not everyone is fairly represented in parliament (political parties and/or demographics)
  • 35% of the popular vote should not get 100% of the power.
  • Canadians want reform.

The question is how we reform the system. Some criteria may involve:

  1. Canadians want to be governed only by elected members and not appointed people. (ie such as party lists)
  2. Canadians want political party representation in proportion of the popular vote.
  3. Canadians want parliament to reflect our national diversity such as to gender, major language groups, and aboriginal peoples, in proportion of the most recent national census.

This obviously should involve:

  • Some sort of elected top-up of MPs to ensure equity in representation and diversity.
  • Provide for outcomes where good productive government is possible, and not highly subject to gridlock, or tyranny by any minorities or majorities.
  • The consideration of decision making and culture changes in parliament from the primacy of adversarial relationships to more cooperative relationships and more consensus based decisions must be a consideration, if we foresee a future of more minority governments than not.

Good luck to us.



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