P5+1 plus Iran Comprehensive Nuclear Program Agreement. Time to re-establish Canada as a global citizen for peace.

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Canadian Defence
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We, the undersigned Canadians,and others of the global community, would like to commend the P5+1 (U.S., China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom) and Germany (+1) and Iran for their work in advancing peace in the region through their 2015 Iran comprehensive agreement regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program.

We believe that this agreement demonstrates an extraordinary choice of peace over growing calls for military intervention or conflict. We believe this accomplishment needs to be celebrated widely, and that all involved feel they are worthy to be called peacemakers regarding this issue.  We believe that they have demonstrated a long overdue commitment to peace a first response to yet another cause for conflict in the Mideast, and the very serious problem of nuclear weapons in the region.  They are worthy of the gratitude of the global community.  They have set an example of diplomacy over armed confrontation that is sorely needed in the Mideast.

Although a first step, we believe that the P5+1 and Iran have all contributed, and agreed, and are united in the desire for successful outcomes and accountability regarding this agreement.  Ownership of this agreement must now belong to the world to ensure compliance, and to build on this agreement for the advancement of peace in this region.

The opportunity for such an advancement of peace in the world, and for the unity of the global community, is a rare occurrence.  The lives that depend on the success of this agreement are beyond calculation.  We must take all the care and do all that we can to nurture this opportunity.

We call on the Government and Canadians to endorse and fully support the implementation of the comprehensive Nuclear program Control Agreement of the P5+1 plus Iran.

We call on the Government of Canada to re-establish diplomatic relations and consulates with Iran and engage in constructive and peaceful diplomacy with a view to impartial and non-violent peacemaking in the Middle East. Civilized people talk.

We call on the Canadian Government and Canadians to take this achievement as an opportunity for dialogue and awareness among Canadians; to awaken our consciousness about who we are, and what we need to do to regain our voice and leadership role for peace in the global community.

We call on Canadians to vote for candidates who support this P5+1 plus Iran Nuclear Program Control Agreement and support a change in Canada’s current approach to international peace and stability to one of leadership for the non violent and peaceful resolution of conflict.  We call on Canadians to ask your candidates and MPs for their positions on this, and vote for peace.


Paul Maillet. Colonel Retired (Canadian Department of National Defence); Principal at Paul Maillet Center for Ethics.    Accredited Peace Professional (Civilian Peace Services Canada)  pmaillet@magma.ca.

Akbar Manoussi.  Professor of Business and Management, Carleton University, Ottawa;   Director Canadian International Council.    Executive Director Ottawa-Vanier. Liberal Party of Canada,  manoussi@magma.ca.

 Dr Qais Ghanem  Clinical Professor of Medicine, U of O, (retired);   Order of Ottawa Medal 2014;   Martin Luther King Award 2014.  ghanems@rogers.com

Dr. Saeid Mirzaei Yengejeh, PhD, Part-time Professor Law Faculty, University of Ottawa.

Kay Rogers.  “I am a Canadian citizen who believes that P5+1 is a significant agreement. International agreements such as this, albeit never perfect in the eyes of any one of the signatories, offer stability and hope rather than uncertainty, and far too often economic instability, resultant social unrest, and bloodshed.”

Sylvia Laale.  Certified OD Specialist.  Life Transformation Facilitator.  Proud supporter of all peace initiatives over war.

Mira Kucar.  Canadian Citizen

If you wish to have your name or organization on the endorsement list, please provide your name or your organization, and a few words about who you are, and email to pmaillet@magma.ca


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