2014 Revelations of torture and drones. Finding closure?

Posted: December 12, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Given the recent revelations of torture in the USA, and the lingering uncertainties of whether Canadians turned prisoners over for mistreatment, or were complicit  in any mistreatment by our allies, and the emerging debate of drone killings, the question is perhaps how then should we define closure.  Where do we begin?  Perhaps a way forward includes such as:

  •  The truth is told and accepted by all parties; victims, offenders,  society and the world community.
  • Justice is served.  Corrective action is taken.  Never again.
  •  Restitution is made to the victims.  We know who they are.  We are responsible for the trauma inflicted.
  •  All are satisfied with the outcome and all able to get on with their lives. This means everyone;  victims, offenders, and society.
  •  If possible, creating opportunities for heartfelt apology and forgiveness.   Some measure of peace and dignity and trust is eventually restored.

Otherwise, we as Americans and Canadians are forever diminished in the eyes of the world.  We can do much much better.


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