2014 Think about what a war response means against ISIS

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I completely support the need for the global community to act against these people.  Where I differ with many is in how we do this.  One has to think critically here. Remember this: we did not like Hussein, or the Taliban in Afghanistan, or Kaddafi in Libya.  We entered into air and ground wars and proceeded to set in motion a train of events that destroyed economies, infrastructure and led to hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths.  In the last 14 years, we have enabled others, and ourselves, to kill more people directly or indirectly than ISIS ever can.   ISIS would probably not exist in this form, if we had not gone to war in Iraq, or not gone to war to oust  the Taliban in Afghanistan to get at El Qaeda; or to war in Libya and its ensuing destabilization and destruction. We supported people in Libya who are now in ISIS.  ISIS is fighting with our weapons. We kill people and destroy their countries to save them.  This is insane.  THIS DID NOT WORK.  ISIS is now embedded in civilian populations and if we respond with heavy weapons we will kill civilians.  I understand that the Israelis killed more children than HAMAS combatants.  Now we are going down the road to do the same things. Do we never learn? Do we condone the way Israel prosecuted their war in Gaza?  Is it because  these are not our children that we are not sensitive to the suffering we cause. When we attack refineries in Iraq, do we think there are no civilians there?

The war against ISIS should be a counterinsurgency or constabulary operation and to be successful, will be long and dangerous.  The UK would not tolerate the use of 1000 lb bombs in Belfast to fight the IRA; nor would we in our country if we identified a terrorist cell in an apartment building in Toronto.  Then how in the name of God can we do this to others.  They are our children; or is it because they are not our children.

Counterinsurgency is what the UK did in Ireland and Burma, and they understood that  risking  troops and police is essential to protecting and winning over civilian populations.  The Iraq army or us must do this.  Soldiers are trained and equipped  to accept risk, children are not.  We cannot prioritize the protection of Canadians by launching bombs 20 kms away, at the expense of innocent civilians.  This not who we are!  We will bomb for 6 months, do a lot of damage, kill more civilians than insurgents, feel righteous, and come home.  ISIS will still be there when we come back.  Perhaps we will express regret for any harm we did.  We cannot alleviate our conscience by saying harming civilians was unintended , if it is totally foreseeable.  CF18s and high capacity bombs in counterinsurgency operations in built up areas are irresponsible.

If we think ISIS kills, we will show them what killing is all about.  Beheading is terrible, but so is blowing up people into little bits.  Unintended or not.


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