Time to talk about Canada’s disappointing approach to international peace and stability

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Peace Building
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Dear friends:

Perhaps it is time to rethink Canada’s approach to peace in the world, and think about reclaiming the two Nobel peace prizes we shared for peacekeeping.  Perhaps we need some dialogue on a set of principles such as:

We believe that all Canadians must have an ongoing  voice in Canada’s response to international peace and security.

We believe in a peace centered response that reflects the following:

  • Presence principle:  The need for Canada to be present in  international crisis is an overriding expression of our values and      interests. We assert that Canada’s peace and security depends on international peace and security.
  •  Impartiality principle:  Canada should responded to international crises with a posture of impartiality between conflicted  parties and in conflict zones, with a view to facilitating readiness for  dialogue and negotiation.
  •  Bias for peace principle:  Canada’s presence in conflict zones be based on a strong predisposition for non violence, human rights, dialogue  and peace.
  •  Dialogue principle:  Canada strongly support the UN as a  space for dialogue and voice as an precursor and alternative to  conflict.  Canada should advocate the principle  that  members are  accountable for their behavior to the  global community.
  • Engagement principle:  Canada rejects the  militarization of foreign policy, based  on demands  and hard expectations, and supports a response based on values of non-violence, conflict   resolution and peace support.       Canada as a middle power will not refuse to do what Canada can do in support of peace, conflict resolution and the relief of suffering.

In the cause of peace


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