Responsibility to protect – Getting it right

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Peace Building
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Responsibility to Protect ( r2p) is possibly part of one of the most important and evolutionary responses to armed conflict that is emerging in a collective sense, in the world today.   However, R2p or rtop is a fragile and vulnerable expression of the need to approach conflict in a different way. Our first foray into this in Libya was nothing to be proud of and we must do better. There is no doubt that non-violence philosophies and peace movements need a philosophical and operational foundation that is relevant and obligatory, to meet global challenges. The need for specific r2p obligations and responses codified in international law is one thing, but also needed are general obligations for individuals and humanity to do what they can. The beginning emergence of national peace ministries and civilian peace services as partners in national and individual responses to conflict, is probably the future, and it is what we need to nurture. This means building a community of practice and law to respond to conflict in ways other than military.  It means creating a civil capacity for individuals to contribute.

In a greater sense, it means awakening to the possibilities and having the courage to make good choices and take action.


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