Exploring Non-violent Alternatives to Terrorism

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Peace Building
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There is no doubt that history will characterize the beginning of this century by the so called “war on terror”. A global effort has been mounted  against what is perceived as a major threat to human security and international stability. The difficulty with this characterization is that the term “war’ has not shown itself very useful to developing an effective response to this threat. War leads to the traditional military responses towards terrorism, to such violence, that usually involves confrontation, fear, anger, then hate that often leads to counter tactics that involves further violence and suffering. A military response to terrorism invokes the laws of armed conflict and just war tradition and usually involves search and destroy, initially with heavy weapons, collateral damage. A policing response involves a “serve and protect” approach which usually includes identification, arrest, trial and incarceration. Perhaps it is time to explore alternatives in which put aside “just war tradition” in favour of building “just peace tradition” or  operations that look to non violent, community based and good governance approaches that “drain the  ocean’ that terrorists need to survive and approaches that deal with the conditions of poverty and ideology that recruit terrorists.



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